I have worked with Dan Crowley and the team at Dynamic for more than 20 years on a variety of companies ranging from larger scale, heavily leveraged transactions to smaller, growth-oriented firms. Each time the outcome has been very positive and the success directly attributed to efforts of Dan Crowley and his team. There is no one else we would turn to for assessment and crisis management services.
Michael Kluger : Altaris Capital Partners, LLC

Dan Crowley is street-smart and confidence-inspiring. With him there are rarely surprises, just an honest, no-nonsense professional approach to running a business. I wish I had 10 of him.
Wilf Jaeger : Three Arch Partners

I have known Dan Crowley for over 22 years. I have worked with him peer to peer, consulted for him and served on the boards of several of his companies. Dan is extremely intelligent, very savvy in the business world and is an expert at understanding what needs to be done and accomplishing it.
Sandy R. Smoley : Former Secretary, State of California, Health and Human Services Agency

Dan‘s leadership in the wake of a big rate cut quickly restored morale and stabilized operations. He included and empowered people, successfully completed an important financing on favorable terms, and got the company moving forward with an accretive acquisition program. It has been a pleasure to watch the team pull together, create a real culture, and build value under his direction.
Blair Tikker : Managing Director, KRG Capital Partners

Dan Crowley and Dynamic provide unparalleled operating and financial leadership for high potential companies facing challenges requiring immediate attention. We have worked with them on a number of occasions and have been rewarded through remarkable transformations in our portfolio companies. Their areas of expertise include financial restructuring, cost management, contract negotiation, growth and M&A. Dan’s 24-hour per day dedication and exhaustive attention to detail leads to immediate and enduring value creation. He is, quite simply, one of the most capable and driven executives in all of healthcare services.
Mark Brooks : Scale Venture Partners

Dan has an amazing ability to manage a far-flung organization, getting people to buy into his vision and pull in one direction for the benefit of the firm. He is open and transparent, making associates feel they are part of the solution.
David Ward : Salix Ventures

Dan Crowley has been a thoughtful and dynamic speaker in the graduate degree program at the University of Southern California. He brings the vitality of real-world leadership experience, the challenges of decision-making in high velocity environments, and the importance of understanding finance down to the basis point. He is generous with his time and in his commitment to sharing his leadership expertise with others.
Dr. Richard Callahan : Former Associate Dean, School of Policy, Planning, and Development, University of Southern California