About Us

Our clients benefit from proven industry expertise and extensive experience in optimizing healthcare services businesses. Our skill is rapid assessment of challenges and effective implementation of initiatives to improve results, mentoring teams already in place to make things tangibly and sustainably better and create earnings and cash flow. We often do it with little or no added capital, restoring the confidence of all parties and recreating a better future.

The health of a business depends on everyone working together. Dynamic Healthcare Solutions prefers working with existing management teams and employees to identity opportunities for improvement. When necessary, Dynamic Healthcare Solutions can take charge, using longstanding relationships to engage talented people with a variety of skills to assist in guiding an organization through its challenges.
We offer proven experience in:

  • Restoring lost value
  • Generating profits where others failed
  • Managing crises
  • Restructuring debt when necessary

Our talented team can step in quickly to create value.

We bring real-world solutions that businesses can afford and implement quickly, often with their existing resources.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and includes advisors with expertise in executive management, legal and compliance, finance, information systems, project management, marketing and corporate communications.

Daniel D. Crowley

CEO Dan Crowley has more than 30 years of experience leading healthcare organizations, creating strategies for growth and sustainability.

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The DHS Team

DHS provides counsel and senior executive leadership to business owners seeking to create value in difficult circumstances.

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